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Machinery and Equipment Recovery

Machinery and Equipment Remarketing

Machinery and Equipment Appraisal

Residual Analysis

Financial Placement

  • Machinery and Equipment Recovery / Repossession
    We utilize our extensive associate and vendor network to recover assets of virtually all types nationwide, keeping transportation and storage costs to a minimum. Whether voluntary or involuntary, we never charge up recovery, transportation, or storage fees for any equipment we remarket.

  • Machinery and Equipment Remarketing
    Appraisals are performed on recovered assets to establish fair market value. These assets are posted on our website and advertised in other trade sites and publications. Every attempt is made to gather no less than three bids on all assets, thereby proving commercially reasonable sale. Our goal is to sell assets in 90 days or less and we typically sell in approximately 30 days.

  • Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Services
    Owner John Vervaeke is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA). Appraisals are prepared in accordance with and conform to the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). We are familiar with, and can prepare appraisals for one or a combination of value concepts including: Fair Market Value (FMV), Orderly Liquidated Value (OLV), Scrap/Salvage Value, Insurable Value, and Replacement Cost New.

  • Machinery and Equipment Inspection Services
    We offer on-site Asset verification, condition reports and representative photos.

  • Legal Services
    In the event you need legal representation to facilitate the return of your collateral, collect on a deficiency balance, file a motion for relief from stay, issue a demand letter or just need advice, we have a wealth of experience working with some of the the largest, most experienced national creditors’ rights law firms in the country.

    Oil Field Equipment, Cranes, Construction Equipment, Material Handling, Transportation, Aggregate, Machine Tools and Agricultural Equipment.